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The World is Going Mobile!

That’s where technology seems to be headed.  Smartphones and tablets seem destined to blur the lines of distinction between them.  As we mentioned in a previous post, the desktop is quickly losing ground to the laptop as the computer of choice.


All new and emerging technology is being geared to the “person on the go”.  This is a symptom of society as a whole striving to get more done in less time.  So technology is evolving to foster that methodology.


Smartphones are leading the charge.  Your average smartphone today, replaces several devices that we used to carry separately.  Camera, mp3 player, planner/agenda, email, calculator, and more!  Our phones do so much now that it’s sometimes hard to imagine what we did before they existed.  Todays phones have more computing power than the computer desktops of the early 90s.


Tablets are the next trend.  Everybody wants a tablet.  They don’t know exactly why, but they want one.  It’s not hard to see the appeal. They are slim, easy to carry around, fun to use, and they have great battery life.  This part of the industry is only going to grow.  What’s also interesting is the seeming desire to merge the tablets and the smartphones.  Meaning, tablets are getting smaller, while smartphones are getting larger (screens)!  Just last week Samsung announced it’s latest offering, the Mega line, with a 6.3” screen.  The tablet industry has recently moved from the standard 10 inch screen, down to the pocketable (arguably) 7” screen.  We are talking about less than an inch difference in size folks.


One of the biggest topics on the computer industries “minds”, is the decline of the desktop computer.  It seems as if it is fast becoming a desk bound dinosaur in this age of mobility.  The heir apparent?  The laptop of course.  Once the de facto tool of salesmen, now has become the favorite of the masses.  They are the dominant tool in coffee shops. College students live by them.  Even DJs are using them!  Every year laptops become more powerful and versatile.  One day, it may be the only people buying desktops, are those building ultra-powerful gaming machines, graphic designers and engineers!

One thing that will remain constant throughout all of this change, is Geek Easy Computers commitment to making your computing easy!  No matter which technology path you decide to take, GE will be there for you!  Our experts stay abreast of all of the latest technologies and changes so we can answer all of your questions, and provide the top notch customer service that you have come to expect from your local computer specialists.

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