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Do You Need A Router?

With more and more devices coming with wireless Internet capability, having a way to connect them all reliably is quickly becoming a need instead of a luxury.

First lets define what a router is.  Wikipedia says…

“The most familiar type of routers are home and small office routers that simply pass data, such as web pages and email, between the home computers and the owner’s cable or DSL modem, which connects to the Internet through an ISP. “

Basically, the purpose of a router is to connect multiple devices to a single incoming signal.  The most popular routers found in most homes today are wireless routers.  These allow you to connect several devices via wireless signal to your Internet modem.  A good example of this is my household.  In it I have one desktop, 4 laptops, a tablet, and 4 smart phones that can be connected to my wireless router at any given moment.  Once initially connected, the router makes it possible for all of these devices to be connected at will without additional authentication (i.e. typing the password every time).

Routers of the non-wireless variety are popular in situations where wireless isn’t desired or practical.  Typically businesses will have their workstations directly connected to a router or wired through a series of switches that connect with a router or routing appliance.

In addition to sharing the connection, most routers these days allow you to secure the signal so only devices you allow have access. This can be done via a security code, passphrase or even on a per-device basis. Security is essential to protect other computers on your home or office network as well as preventing others from stealing precious Internet bandwidth. Out of the box, routers come with disks and instructions to help you set them up, but often these protected setups can be compromised if you don’t change the default passwords or take extra precautionary steps.

Do you need a router at home?  Well ask yourself this question:  do you have more than one computer or device that uses the internet on a regular basis?  If the answer is yes, then you can benefit from a router!

The guys at Geek Easy Computers are very knowledgeable about routers, wireless security and all things networking. They are ready to help you determine what is best for your needs, and they do house-calls if you need assistance setting up and securing your wireless network.

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