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Wireless Routers Revisited & What’s New!

Wireless router technology has evolved since the last time we discussed it on the blog, so we thought it would be a good time to revisit the topic. We’ll cover what has changed and what you should be looking for in a new wireless router purchase.

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Chromecast vs Home Theatre PC vs Rokuu vs Apple TV

So you want to jump into the fray that is media streaming. Music, movies, TV shows – it’s all available online. You have many options as to how to access and enjoy that vast wealth of entertainment. What are those options you ask? Well there are really too many to list here, so lets talk about the 4 most popular methods: Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and the Home Theater PC.


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Streaming Music 101

For today’s music consumer, mobile is where it’s at.  Whether it’s on an iPad, computer, or smartphone, people want to hear their music wherever they are with minimal fuss.  Capitalizing on this desire, there are many options available for the consumer to stream music to their device.  The best of these services are platform independent, meaning they are accessible from almost any computer OS, web browser or smartphone.

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Are you in the Cloud?

Are you using the “Cloud”?  it is becoming more and more a solution for many people and businesses.  Being able to access documents, music, and pictures from any Internet connected computer or smartphone is a benefit some people are finding they cant live with out!

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