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Why Does My Computer Get Hot?

A common issue that many computers suffer from is overheating. As mobile computers are getting slimmer, there is less room for cooling fans or even just air to circulate. With desktop computers, more powerful processors and huge video cards are generating more heat inside the cases. In this article we will explain just why your computer overheats, and outline ways to combat it!

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Heatsink 101

We have talked about preventing overheating of your computers in a few different posts on the blog.  One of the methods mentioned was a “heatsink service”, which entails replacing the thermal grease on the heatsink.  But we never really explained what a heat sink is, or what it (and the thermal grease) actually does.  So we aim to fix that oversight today!


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Beating the Heat!

Overheating is a major cause of motherboard and component failure in computers.  Fortunately it is also a fairly easily prevented situation.


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