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Whats is a BSOD?

BSOD. You hear about it talked about in hushed tones usually followed by a groan or sympathetic head shake, but what exactly is a BSOD and what causes it? Well let’s find out!


BSOD stands for “Blue Screen of Death.” It’s a colloquialism or non-technical term for something that is known as a “Stop Error.” They can occur if a serious problem, such as a critical failure, causes Windows to shutdown or restart unexpectedly. Blue screens are generally caused by problems with your computer’s hardware or issues with its drivers or core operating system software.

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Windows 101: Windows 8 Basics…


 Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System is the most radical design change in Windows since version 3.11 upgraded to Windows 95!  As expected there was initially a lot of resistance to Microsoft’s new touch-centric, mobile based design.  Windows users had grown accustomed to their familiar GUI interface that although had undergone many revisions and modifications during the last decade, essentially stayed the same at its core.

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I Want a Home Server

Here at Geek Easy Computers, we like to make sure you, our customers and fans, are provided with good, practical information regarding your technology needs.  We want to make sure your questions are answered, and that we educate you in the correct ways to take care of your computers!  We also like to have fun and not be always hammering you with facts and protocol.

So todays post is on the lighter side.  A few of you have asked about setting up a home server.  Last year we talked about the reasons for having a server.  So the topic today is setting up your own home server!

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Mac vs Windows?

There was a time when there was a definite line, or difference between Macs and PCs.  The software was different, the way they operated was different, and frankly, the user base was different.  Not so much now…

Although there are still plenty of differences, the two Operating Systems are alike enough now to duplicate each others user experience.  Macs users used to claim that Mac OS was the “easiest to use, most user friendly…”, while Windows (PC) users claimed that they had “freedom of choice” and the largest software library.  For awhile, argument could be made for all of those claims.  Again, not so much now.

Starting with Vista (arguably), the Windows interface has greatly improved its user friendliness, borrowing (some claim) many aspects that made Mac OS so easy to use.  Mac OS now has a software base rivaling that of Windows.  Mac OS users can even run Windows on Mac machines!   While Windows still has the market share of personal computers, more and more people are choosing Mac as their computer of choice.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a computer, do the research.  Find out what will fulfill your needs, and your families.  Regardless of whether you choose PC or Mac, Geek Easy Computers can provide the support you will need to keep your computer running at top performance!

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If you use a computer (and if you’re reading this, you must), you should ask yourself the following questions. Do I really need to update Flash, Java, iTunes, Quicktime and my HP print software every week? Do I really need a half dozen toolbars littering my browser window? Does every program on my computer need a speed launcher running all the time on the slim chance that I’m opening Microsoft Access or Adobe Acrobat or OpenOffice? Unless you have some sort of undiagnosed techno-compulsion, the answer to these is probably “no.”

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