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Service: You Get What You Pay For…

“You get what you pay for.”.  It’s a phrase that’s been around for ages and I’m sure you are familiar with it.  But do you truly know what it means?  The phrase gets used a lot, but like most “catchphrases”, people don’t typically give it any real thought.


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We have a new Partner!

In the spirit of providing superior customer service, and of course, making your technology easier; Geek Easy Computers has formalized an on-going strategic partnership with Sara Dunn, owner of 11Web.  11Web is a web design company specializing in small business websites.

Based in Battle Creek, Michigan, 11Web creates modern and affordable websites for small businesses in Michigan and beyond.  11Web believes in taking the stress out of online marketing and giving clients the tools they need to grow their business online.

11Web’s websites are current, easy to navigate, integrated with social media, and simple to update. All websites include instructions on making changes so your website can move as fast as your business.  11Web also helps clients with social media engagement and professional email marketing.

A few key features of every 11Web website:

  • Built on WordPress, a very popular and easy to use management tool

  • Ability to make your own changes to the website – including adding pages, writing a blog, updating information, and more

  • Clean, attractive, modern design

  • Step-by-step instruction manual

  • Straightforward package pricing, so you know exactly what you’ll get

  • Hourly consulting available for WordPress and select non-Wordpress related issues, changes, additions and guidance.

We are excited about the joint venture and happy to be able to offer our clients yet another value-added service!  If you, or if you know of someone looking to create a website for their business, or update an existing site, feel free to send them to Geek Easy.  We will put them in the very capable hands of Sara and get them taken care of!

Home User Maintenance

Like any other substantial investment such as a vehicle or a home, owning a computer comes with responsibility to maintain it in order for it to perform as it was designed to do.  Unfortunately most computer owners are either uninformed of this, think its relatively unimportant, or just don’t have the knowledge to provide this maintenance.


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Can I Do It Myself?

“Can I do it myself?”

It’s a question many computer owners ask when it’s time for a repair or upgrade to their machine.  There answer depends on your abilities and resources.  Some things, like RAM, are easy enough to physically replace, but can be difficult to troubleshoot if you don’t have the experience and/or testing equipment available.

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Let Us Plan Your Next Project…

Planning an IT project can be a lot of work. Whether you’re adding equipment to an existing network, upgrading servers and workstations or doing it all from scratch, there are often many considerations every step of the way. If you’ve ever wondered what hardware and software to purchase, how long you might spend on each phase of the project or simply how to get started in the first place, we can help.
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Effective Upgrading

So you want to upgrade your computer.  But you have no idea of what to change or add.  This is situation is more common than you might think considering how pervasive computers are in our everyday lives.  It’s a common question… where DO you start with an upgrade?

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To Defrag… that is the question?

Mention the word “Defrag” to the average person, and they look at you with this blank stare of incomprehension.  Or you get that sideways look because they think you might be saying something inappropriate in some new “slang”.

Defrag is short for defragmentation, which is a process that reduces fragmentation, which in everyday speak means you’re data is all over the place on the hard drive.  With your data scattered, it takes longer for your computer to retrieve it, meaning longer boot times, apps open slower, more chance of data being corrupted.

Geek Easy offers a computer optimization “Tune-up” service which includes defragging your PC.  It also includes streamlining your start-up/boot process, we optimize the operating system, customized for each individual PC, we clean the registry and remove unneeded/unnecessary entries and much more!

Let us bring that old, slow computer back to life!

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