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Q & A: User Questions, Tech Answers! Year End 2017

Welcome to the 2017 edition of our “User Questions, Tech Answers”. In our ongoing mission to help make your technology easier, we like to provide you with tools and knowledge to make your computer interaction more “user friendly.” This edition will showcase some of the most popular questions asked throughout 2017, and also include some new things that we haven’t covered yet.

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Vishing – “Hi, Your Computer is Infected.”

The Setup

Scenario 1: You’re on your computer, casually surfing the web. A website here, a photo site there, maybe playing some music. Suddenly, the screen goes weird and then there’s a big error message claiming your computer has been infected! What do you do now? Then you notice that under the error message, there is the number for Microsoft! How convenient! A little too convenient actually.

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What Not To Do…

Many people come to us confused about what they can do to avoid viruses and malware. Our first typical answer is protect your computer with a layered approach. A leading antivirus program (like BitDefender) AND the leading anti-malware package (Malwarebytes). The combination of the two differing approaches to pro-active protection should protect you from most “attacks”. But that’s only part of the solution (and the easiest part). The rest of the story depends on you.

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Stop! You Have Been Warned.

Have you ever been blissfully surfing the web, when you click on an interesting link and all heck breaks loose?  Depending on what anti-virus/malware software you are using, alarms go off and instead of your link loading, a big read stop sign shows up with the ominous message that reads to effect of “All who enter here are lost!” or less dramatically… “This site is known to contain malware or viruses which could harm your computer. It is recommended that you do not proceed.”.  Seen that before?  How many times have you ignored it and proceeded anyway?  Be honest.  Later did you notice weird things happening, like unexpected pop-ups, or new toolbars, or your computer running funny?  Yep.  Its just like running a stop light.  Bad things can happen.

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