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Time Machine

Q & A: How Do I Setup Automatic Backups On My Macbook/Macbook Pro?

Welcome to another segment of Geek Easy Computers series on expanded answers to common questions. A question we get asked quite often by Mac users is how to setup automatic backups on their computers, so we put together this short instructional guide!


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Mac Viruses and Malware

Mac Defender and variants of the latest Mac malware

Normally news of major Internet virus threats is exclusive to Windows, but not anymore. Word of the Mac Defender variants has spread faster than the malware itself, and it’s sparking bits of controversy on the web. From debates about the security of Mac OS as a whole, the need for antivirus software on Macs, and Apple’s response to Mac Defender, there’s probably been more written on the subject in the past few weeks than anyone would care to read.


But given that Apple computers are probably the most common manufacturer of PCs we repair, we thought it might be nice to summarize what’s being said on the subject.

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Snow Leopard Upgrade

If you’re running an Intel Mac with OS X right now, you should be running Snow Leopard. By now you’ve probably heard great things about Mac’s latest kitty, and it has enough bells and whistles to make any computer purr. Snow Leopard is the first iteration of the Mac operating system to tout a 64-bit architecture, which means it will be able to use more than 4GB of memory for applications. It finally unleashes the full potential of Intel’s Core-2 processors for the Mac platform and it’s snappy to boot. Read the rest of this entry »