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Remote Monitoring

You’ve heard of remote monitoring but don’t know if it would be a good fit for your business? This article will show you the benefits and explain exactly what remote monitoring entails with Geek Easy Computers.
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Why are Backups Critical?


If you’ve been following our posts & articles, you know that the crew at Geek Easy Computers are huge fans of backing up your data regularly.  We feel that it is important enough to remind you at least weekly, to make sure YOUR data is backed up.  With the latest round of vicious malware and ransomware, it’s even more critical to make sure your important files are backed up in multiple locations.

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IT Management – Does My Business Need It?

What are IT Management Services?  How will they benefit my business?  These are two common and very valid questions that we at Geek Easy Computers hear from business owners often.  In this post, we will define, and then discuss the advantages of outsourcing your businesses IT needs.

Information Technology

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Networking 101: Routers & Switches

Networking can be confusing.  With all the hardware, protocols, cabling, requirements and features, it can be easy to get confused.  Geek Easy Computers wants to make your technology easier, so we put together another informative post to hopefully clear up some of the confusion.


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I Want a Home Server

Here at Geek Easy Computers, we like to make sure you, our customers and fans, are provided with good, practical information regarding your technology needs.  We want to make sure your questions are answered, and that we educate you in the correct ways to take care of your computers!  We also like to have fun and not be always hammering you with facts and protocol.

So todays post is on the lighter side.  A few of you have asked about setting up a home server.  Last year we talked about the reasons for having a server.  So the topic today is setting up your own home server!

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Let Us Plan Your Next Project…

Planning an IT project can be a lot of work. Whether you’re adding equipment to an existing network, upgrading servers and workstations or doing it all from scratch, there are often many considerations every step of the way. If you’ve ever wondered what hardware and software to purchase, how long you might spend on each phase of the project or simply how to get started in the first place, we can help.
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Do I need a server?

What is a server and why do I need one? A server can be boiled down to any computer that has a primary and dedicated purpose, in contrast with a workstation, a general use computer that may share resources in a peer to peer fashion. Typically, servers are used in environments where security is a concern, or industry specific software needs to be run from a central location so that many workstations may utilize its resources.

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UPS vs Surge Protectors

Many people know the value of a good surge protector.  Its easy to see the benefits of being protected from random power surges and possible lightning damage.  A mid- to high end surge protector can even protect your cable television, phone, and network! So what is the difference between a surge protector and a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?  Do you need one?

If you have 2 or more PCs on a network, YES.  If you have work that would be irreparably damaged if interrupted by a power outage, YES.  If your business depends on access to your computer, YES.

According to Wikipedia, “An uninterruptible power supply, also uninterruptible power sourceUPSor battery/flywheel backup, is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically the utility mains, fails. “.  Most UPSs also function as surge protectors for the devices that are connected to them.

Having a UPS is having security and peace of mind that your computer and its important data is protected from unexpected shut downs from loss of power.  When the inevitable occurs, you have the time to safely save your work and correctly shut down your PC.

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