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Remote Support

Geek Easy Computers offers remote support services. We offer it to both our commercial and residential customers. We have found that there is some confusion as to exactly what remote support entails, and the kinds of computer issues we can actually rectify remotely. So we thought we’d try to clear that up.


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Home User Maintenance

Like any other substantial investment such as a vehicle or a home, owning a computer comes with responsibility to maintain it in order for it to perform as it was designed to do.  Unfortunately most computer owners are either uninformed of this, think its relatively unimportant, or just don’t have the knowledge to provide this maintenance.


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Your Computer Needs You (Why?)

One of the easiest methods to keep your computer running at its best, is also one of its most overlooked or forgotten.  Regular maintenance of your computer is essential, be it Mac or a Windows machine, to ensure not only efficient operation, but also the security of your data.  Geek Easy Computers, in our effort to help make your technology easier, have previously addressed various aspects of this such as PC Hygiene, Spring Cleaning, and Updating Drivers.

With this new year off to a rousing start, we thought it a good idea to address this topic in depth again.  So without any further delay….

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Upgrades 101: Fans vs Water Cooling…

There’s a bit of a debate going on right now in the “upgrade world” as to which is better:  multiple fans or water cooling?

Well the answer is… it depends.  It depends on what type of system you have and what you mostly use it for.  It also depends on how much room you have inside your case.

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