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Computers and Your Health

Computers have become a nearly inseparable part of our everyday lives. We use them in school, at work, and even for play. What that amounts to is an incredible amount of time spent looking at digital screens, typing on keyboards, manipulating mice, swiping touch screens, and sitting. This leads to an ever-growing list of technology related health risks. At Geek Easy Computers we believe part of making your technology easier is providing you with information on making the physical toll less taxing.

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Productivity for Your Tablet

The computer is still the “king of the castle” when it comes to productivity, but more and more people are turning to mobile devices out of necessity or just because it’s more convenient than pulling out the laptop. Some of our clients regularly depend on their tablets to get work done and so have asked us for application recommendations. We thought we’d pass that information on to you!

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Making Google Chrome Work for You!

We know a lot of our readers use Google Chrome as their daily browser.  Since it is also our favorite, we thought it would be relevant to post some ways to make Chrome work better for you!  We scoured the web and came up with these cool keyboard shortcuts!

Page Navigation Shortcuts

  • Space Bar – Page down one full screen at a time
  • Page Down — Page down one full screen at a time
  • Down Arrow – Scroll Down
  • Shift  + Space Bar – Page up one full screen at a time
  • Page Up — Page up one full screen at a time
  • Up Arrow – Scroll Up
  • Home – Go to the top of the webpage
  • End – Go to the bottom of the webpage

Browser Window Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + N – Open a new window
  • Ctrl + Shift + N – Open a new window in incognito mode (Pages viewed in incognito mode won’t show in browser history or search history. They also won’t leave cookies or other traces)
  • Alt + F4 – Close the current window
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