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Mac Viruses and Malware

Mac Defender and variants of the latest Mac malware

Normally news of major Internet virus threats is exclusive to Windows, but not anymore. Word of the Mac Defender variants has spread faster than the malware itself, and it’s sparking bits of controversy on the web. From debates about the security of Mac OS as a whole, the need for antivirus software on Macs, and Apple’s response to Mac Defender, there’s probably been more written on the subject in the past few weeks than anyone would care to read.


But given that Apple computers are probably the most common manufacturer of PCs we repair, we thought it might be nice to summarize what’s being said on the subject.

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Mac Power Management

Power management (laptop cords AC adapters)
Ever turn on your computer to draft an important email, or look up directions only to get warned that your battery is about to die? That race against the clock that we’ve all performed on more occassions than we’d like to admit is a part of life we have become accustomed to, but can probably be avoided. I’m sure you or a friend has had to deal with a laptop that just wouldn’t charge unless you ‘wiggled the cord’, but did you know that this is a common problem and easily fixable? Ever make it to the coffee shop and find out you forgot your AC adapter (power cord) at home? That ones pretty easy to avoid as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Apple Bootcamp

Have you ever come across a program you really wanted to use that’s only made for Windows? Whether you want to play Windows-only games without having a second computer or there’s a critical application you’re used to using that doesn’t support Mac OS, the availability of software for Mac can be the one thorn in an otherwise splendid computing experience. With Apple’s switch to Intel processors, the dividing line between Mac and “PC” is blurring into obscurity. Using Apple’s Boot Camp, you can install and run Windows side-by-side with Mac OS 10.5 or higher. Read the rest of this entry »

Mac Memory Upgrade

Ten years ago, Apple Macs product line came stock with around 64MB of memory. Nowadays, one open tab in Safari consumes more available system memory than the systems of yesteryear. Despite everything they do for us, we all wish our computers could do more. As technology advances, things like Facetime video chat over the Internet and increasingly vivid computer game graphics and rendered animations  have created a need for more system memory. Ten years ago, a computer could hop along with one sixteenth of the memory the average computer has today and still be able to load AOL’s bloated dial-up client. Read the rest of this entry »

Snow Leopard Upgrade

If you’re running an Intel Mac with OS X right now, you should be running Snow Leopard. By now you’ve probably heard great things about Mac’s latest kitty, and it has enough bells and whistles to make any computer purr. Snow Leopard is the first iteration of the Mac operating system to tout a 64-bit architecture, which means it will be able to use more than 4GB of memory for applications. It finally unleashes the full potential of Intel’s Core-2 processors for the Mac platform and it’s snappy to boot. Read the rest of this entry »

Mac Tune Up

You’ve seen it happen – a once sleek and sexy, cutting-edge Mac has succumb to the woes of age and doesn’t feel as fast as it used to be. Programs load slower, it groans when you assault it with too many tabs while browsing the Internet and let’s not talk about how long it takes to boot OS X these days. Chances are good that, even if your Mac is quickly growing in age, it could see a significant speed boost from a Mac tune-up. Read the rest of this entry »