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Why Does My Computer Get Hot?

A common issue that many computers suffer from is overheating. As mobile computers are getting slimmer, there is less room for cooling fans or even just air to circulate. With desktop computers, more powerful processors and huge video cards are generating more heat inside the cases. In this article we will explain just why your computer overheats, and outline ways to combat it!

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PC Hygiene: Keep It Clean!

Another aspect of computer maintenance most people don’t consider is cleanliness.  Yes, your PC or Mac needs to periodically be cleaned.  Now I don’t mean with soap and water!  Usually a microfiber towel will suffice to remove dust, crumbs, and miscellaneous from the computers surface.  You can use “canned air” for cleaning your keyboard and getting into other nooks and crannies.  That’s the easy part.  Whats more difficult, and ultimately more important, is cleaning the inside of the computer.  That area is a perfect environment for accumulating dust.  Months and even years of dust build up can cause your system to overheat and operate erratically.  It can even cause damage to circuits!  Below is an example of a computer in need of a good cleaning: Read the rest of this entry »