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Device Synergy – Your Computers, Smartphone and Beyond

Mobile devices have become an almost inseparable part of our daily lives. We stay “connected” almost 24/7 with smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, smart home automation, and even our vehicles! That pervasiveness leads to a dilemma for many of us: How do we keep the information current between our devices and computers?

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iTunes & Your Music Files

Many people have been using iTunes as their music medium of choice throughout its many iterations and changes. With the latest addition of the Apple Music subscription, many of those same iTunes users are up in arms regarding a new behavior of the application.


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You heard about this new technology that is starting to appear on new computers & smartphones. It’s a new way to connect peripherals to your devices. It’s called USB-C, but what’s all the hoopla about? That’s what Geek Easy Computers wants to answer for you in this installment of “Answers to Common Questions”.


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Do You Need A Router?

With more and more devices coming with wireless Internet capability, having a way to connect them all reliably is quickly becoming a need instead of a luxury.

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All AC Adapters are NOT Created Equal…

One of the most confusing aspects of mobile computing for most people is the AC adapter.  Why is this confusing you ask?  Don’t you just plug it in and go?  Well, its not actually quite that simple.

The AC adapter is what is what gives a charge to your battery, to power your laptop.  It can also bypass your battery and directly power your device.  Most adapters are comprised of two components.  The power adapter and the power cord.  The power cord is what plugs into the wall, then into the power adapter.  The power adapter then converts the incoming electricity into the correct voltage/amperage for your device. Read the rest of this entry »