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Q & A: User Questions, Tech Answers! Year End 2016

In our ongoing mission to help make your technology easier, we like to provide you with tools and knowledge to make your computer interaction more “user friendly.” This edition will showcase some of the most popular questions asked throughout 2016, and also include some that we haven’t covered yet. So without further adieu…


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Whats is a BSOD?

BSOD. You hear about it talked about in hushed tones usually followed by a groan or sympathetic head shake, but what exactly is a BSOD and what causes it? Well let’s find out!


BSOD stands for “Blue Screen of Death.” It’s a colloquialism or non-technical term for something that is known as a “Stop Error.” They can occur if a serious problem, such as a critical failure, causes Windows to shutdown or restart unexpectedly. Blue screens are generally caused by problems with your computer’s hardware or issues with its drivers or core operating system software.

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Why Is My Computer Hot?

Computers generate heat. It’s a common problem. The more you use them, the more heat they generate. If that heat gets excessive, you can damage your computer. In this post we break down the ins and outs of overheating computers!


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10 common PC and Mac annoyances (And how to fix [some of] them?)

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that got me thinking.  Everybody has something that drives them absolutely bonkers about their computer.  Be it Mac or a Windows machine, those devices can have quirky behaviors that can nearly make you want to take a sledgehammer to the darn thing!  SO instead of adding to the landfill problem, we at Geek Easy Computers thought we’d see what we could do to ease your pain…


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