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Virus 101 – Mac Virus… The Reality.


Apple computers (Macbooks, Macbook Pros, iMacs) have always had the reputation of being “virus proof”.  And for the most part, that reputation was true.  But not for the reasons most people think.  It wasn’t that viruses couldn’t be written for the Mac OS (operating system), it’s just that the Windows OS user base was so much larger that the criminals creating computer viruses thought it not worth the effort to target the relatively small Mac percentage.  Therefore, for the longest time, Mac users enjoyed a sort of immunity from the attacks and having to safeguard their data from viruses.

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How Did I Get Infected?

About a year ago, we posted an article about virus infection, “How to Help Prevent Getting Re-infected by viruses (Or Get Infected in the First Place.)” .


Todays blog post is a follow up to that.  Here at Geek Easy we frequently get asked “How did I get infected?”.  It’s never a simple answer so we thought we give you some general ideas of how it could possibly happen.


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Q & A: User Questions, Tech Answers!

In this post, we thought we’d answer a few of the most common questions that we get asked on a fairly frequent basis.  We hope this will help to answer any questions YOU may have, and fill in any informational gaps.  Let’s get started!

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Which Anti-Virus is Better?

By now, you should know that if you are on the internet, your computer needs to be protected from malicious viruses and malware/spyware.  We mentioned some ways to do that in our previous blog post “Your Computer Needs You (Why?)”.  Today, we’d like to expand on that some and answer the one question we get the most often:  Which anti-virus is the best?


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Kalamazoo FBI Virus Removal

At Geek Easy Computers, we see a high volume of various virus and malware infections. As experts in removal and repair in Kalamazoo, we spend time fighting viruses on the front lines (as opposed to wiping the hard drive and leaving clients to start from scratch like some other companies).

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How to Help Prevent Getting Re-infected by viruses (Or Get Infected in the First Place.)

One of the most frequent questions we get asked at Geek Easy Computers, is “How do I avoid getting viruses?” Ask 10 different people, you’ll get 10 different answers. But there are many factors that contribute to getting (or avoiding) viruses.

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How to Avoid Malicious Software!

Lately we have seen a surge in viruses and other malicious software infecting computers.  People dont realize that while the Internet is a vast, nearly unlimited resource for information, commerce and entertainment; it can also be a scary and even dangerous place for those caught unawares.

In order to help protect you we put together a white paper full of information on malicious software and how to avoid it.  Below is a quick list highlighting the major points.  You can download the full document here –> How to recognize and avoid malicious software Read the rest of this entry »

Android Anti-Virus – Is it Real?

The hot topic in the Android community right now is malware aka viruses.  Its unthinkable but unfortunately its true.  Unscrupulous individuals have developed malware that can infect your android smartphone.  They can masquerade as legitimate apps, so its even more important to only download apps from known sources (i.e. Android Market, Amazon App Store). Read the rest of this entry »