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Virus Removal

Geek Easy is proud to be one of the only shops in town that offers actual virus removal rather than a full hard-drive wipe and operating system reload. Let us remove that pesky malware, trojan, hijacker, virus, etc. without losing your data, programs or settings. If you suspect infection, stop using the machine immediately and give us a call @ 269-548-TECH(8324). The longer you wait, the higher the chance that personal information will be shared with the unsavory, underworld criminals of the Internet.

We have a simple, flat fee for removing unwanted software which includes installing basic protection or any program you’ve purchased. If you don’t currently have anti-virus software, we can make a recommendation and help you get protected with the highest-rated program available. We’re one of the few places that will combat the nastiest viruses and leave your installed programs and files intact while removing any infections you’ve accumulated. Call us for information on our going rate or with any questions you have about our procedures. We’re here to help you make an informed decision regarding removal to minimize future risks. All machines checked-in for virus removal have the option of receiving our deluxe tune-up at a highly discounted rate as well. Not only does this help us remove the infection more efficiently, but it also restores your computer functionality back to operating at the same speed or better than when it was purchased!

Kalamazoo Virus Removal

Call 548-TECH if you see this or something else claiming you

Disclaimer: Due to the high risk of user re-infection and thoroughness of our virus removal procedure, we do not offer our usual labor guarantee on virus removals. No matter what level of protection is installed on a system, there are always new threats and risks with even relatively safe websites and browsing habits. Another system on your network, unsafe websites and files stored on external media are all potential threats that could compromise your system without any user action or intervention. We make every effort to assist the small portion of clients who become reinfected and offer discounts on multiple, simultaneous removals and reinfection scenarios, but we do not accept responsibility or liability for machines once they leave our shop. We just can’t.

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