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Data Backup and Recovery

Nothing is more precious than your crucial data: QuickBooks company files, tax returns from years past, term papers due tomorrow, or treasured family photos and video. We at Geek Easy understand that your data is priceless, and we can help keep it safe.

Whether your computer is in for virus removal or a routine check-up, we suggest various backup solutions to fit all budgets. Data backup is the first line of defense in the event of a serious computer problem. From Online backup solutions or automated backup to external hard drive for the home user to Network Attached Storage or full-fledged file servers filled with large, redundant storage space for businesses – we can build, implement and maintain a backup strategy for any client.

In the event of data loss, we’ve got you covered as well. From simple, accidental deletions to clicking hard drives, we can give you data recovery options you feel comfortable with. If the data can be recovered, we have a solution.

Before trouble happens or you give up on that lost data, call in the professionals at Geek Easy. You’ll be glad you did.


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