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Product Spotlight

Laptop Vs Desktop: The Showdown!


Just about everyone is familiar with the two main forms that computers come in these days;  laptops and desktops.  What we find at Geek Easy Computers is that some people don’t really know the pros and cons of choosing one over the other, or why one might fit their needs over the other, so in this article we are going to explore that and hopefully help you make a more sound  decision.

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Windows XP: Preparing for the End


Geek Easy Computers knows that many of our readers are Windows XP users.  In our mission to make your technology easier, we have prepared this article to help you understand what exactly is happening when Windows XP reaches “end of life”, and why you should prepare for it before the actual date.

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What Video Cable Do I Need?

Once upon a time in computerland, there was only one video cable.  The one that went from your computer, to your CRT monitor.  And all was good in the land.


“One cable to rule them all, one cable to find them, one cable to bring them all and in the video bind them.” – apologies to JRR Tolkein 🙂


Fast forward to 2013.  Now there are all kinds of video connection for attaching all types of viewing devices to your computer.  It can definitely be a daunting and confusing proposition figuring out which one you need for your situation.  We here at Geek Easy Computers understands this, so we are going to try to make it easier for you!  Today we are going to introduce to you some of the most common video connections, and explain what they are for, and the differences between them. We stock varying lengths and types of these cables, as well as adapters to go from one to the other or multiple different interfaces.


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