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February/March 2017 Newsletter

We apologize for our February/March edition running a bit late this month.  We’re sure it’s worth the wait though!

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The focus of this edition are scams and security! Vigilance and good practices are the way of the day!

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Q & A: User Questions, Tech Answers! Windows 10 Edition

In our ongoing mission to help make your technology easier, we like to provide you with tools and knowledge to make your computer interaction more “user friendly”. This special edition of our Q & A Series focuses on Windows 10 and what’s new and/or different from Windows 7 in basic operation. We’ll delve into more advanced topics in a later post.

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What Not To Do…

Many people come to us confused about what they can do to avoid viruses and malware. Our first typical answer is protect your computer with a layered approach. A leading antivirus program (like BitDefender) AND the leading anti-malware package (Malwarebytes). The combination of the two differing approaches to pro-active protection should protect you from most “attacks”. But that’s only part of the solution (and the easiest part). The rest of the story depends on you.

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Whats is a BSOD?

BSOD. You hear about it talked about in hushed tones usually followed by a groan or sympathetic head shake, but what exactly is a BSOD and what causes it? Well let’s find out!


BSOD stands for “Blue Screen of Death.” It’s a colloquialism or non-technical term for something that is known as a “Stop Error.” They can occur if a serious problem, such as a critical failure, causes Windows to shutdown or restart unexpectedly. Blue screens are generally caused by problems with your computer’s hardware or issues with its drivers or core operating system software.

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Windows 10: A Personal Look

Windows 10. It’s the topic of almost every computer related conversation these days. Mostly because it’s a FREE upgrade for most users. The general consensus it that it is better than Windows 8 & 8.1. It’s the future of Windows and the beginning of Windows as a service. I thought I’d share my view on it from a tablet user’s perspective.

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Slow Computer Is Slow Part I

A common problem people experience with their computers is that they just aren’t fast enough. Maybe it was a speed demon 18 months ago, but now it’s just floundering or crawling and you’d like to know why and what to do about it. There are quite a few reasons why a computer could slow down, some deal with the physical condition of the computer and others with the software. Either way, here are the most common causes of computer slowness and what can be done about them.


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Q & A: What Does RAM (Memory) Really Do?

Welcome to another segment of Geek Easy Computers series on expanded answers to common questions.  We’re frequently asked  “What does RAM do?” or “Do I need more memory in my computer?” by our clients.  Many people also get RAM confused with storage memory (hard drive data), and we wanted to clear up some of that confusion.



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Low-Cost Office Suites for Start-Ups

In the world of small business (especially independent start-ups), every penny can count.  Dropping several hundred dollars on the latest and greatest software isn’t always an option.  Especially if the software isn’t “mission critical” to the business.  One of the benefits of starting a business in this Internet age, is that there is a plethora of free or nearly free alternatives to the popular and many times expensive productivity software.  Below we will show you some of our favorites, with why they are favorites, and hopefully provide you with a way to get work done within your budget!

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El Capitán del Capitán

The newest version of Apple OS X is now available for developers to preview and will be available to the general public in the fall. As co-owner and Apple specialist at Geek Easy, I couldn’t resist writing on some of the up and coming features just to name this blog post the equivalent of “The captain on the captain.”

If you haven’t read anything about the new version of Mac OS, the name comes from a vertical rock formation inside Yosemite National Park. Apple’s announcement at their annual developer conference outright stated that the operating system update is a set of refinements to 10.10 Yosemite that was released last October.

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