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The Desktop PC – Still Relevant?

As the technological world of computers skews more and more toward mobile, and everything is getting smaller and smaller, the questions arises – is the desktop PC still relevant? The short answer is a resounding YES. In this article we will elaborate as to why.


Even though more and more people are moving from the desktop to their laptops, or even tablets or smartphones, a traditional desktop computer is still arguably a great choice as a secondary computing device today. Some of the reasons to buy a desktop today range from cost to performance ratio, upgrade-ability, to more productivity considerations. Check out these items:


This is arguably the biggest reason desktops are still relevant. Today’s laptops just aren’t designed to be upgraded (other than sometimes RAM, hard drive or SSD). They sacrifice upgrade options for portability and a lighter weight. You pretty much need to buy what you think you will need up front. With a standard desktop tower, you can expand or upgrade almost everything from RAM, additional HDs or SSDs, optical drives, video cards (GPUs) and sometimes the processor and motherboard.


The trend to make laptops even thinner and lighter has resulted in increased difficulty in repairing laptops as interior room shrinks. Many manufacturers are using less serviceable methods of manufacturing such as gluing parts in place. This transforms what should be simple or routine repairs into labor intensive feats that sometimes makes it more economically sensible to just replace the computer. Laptop repair takes considerable skill, and many parts are specific to that model. Desktops typically have easy access and most manufacturers use industry standard parts that are easily replaced or repaired.


While it is true that the gap between desktop and laptop computing power has narrowed, desktop computers are still the reigning kings of high-end computing power. To get similar power in a laptop (such as with so-called gaming laptops) you have to alter or even give up some of the features that make laptops popular in the first place. These laptops tend to be heavier, more bulky, and even more prone to heating issues. Plus for the premium price you will spend for one of these behemoths, you could have an equally if not more powerful desktop for less money and be able to upgrade it in the future.

To Sum It Up

Mobile computing is definitely the wave of the future, and today’s fast-paced society demands the ease of information access that can be had with tablets, smartphones, and the ever present laptop. But as we’ve shown you above, the desktop has a place in that hierarchy for the foreseeable future as primary workstations, gaming rigs, servers, and many other uses. Geek Easy Computers is your local technology expert. We stay knowledgeable about changing trends in computing to help make your technology easier! Contact us with any questions, or stop in and talk to one of our technicians!

me_smile Adonis Pointer is a photographer, a collector of vintage razors, and a certified technology geek!

Adonis has been involved in computer technology since well, a LONG time! He has been involved in nearly every aspect of the industry from sales to repair to training to consulting. As the Social Media Manager he writes the majority of the posts on the Geek Easy Computers blog.

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