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Archive for March 2016

Why Is My Computer Hot?

Computers generate heat. It’s a common problem. The more you use them, the more heat they generate. If that heat gets excessive, you can damage your computer. In this post we break down the ins and outs of overheating computers!


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March Newsletter and Spring Cleaning

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Spring Tune-Up Special

Spring is almost here, and it’s the perfect time of year for Spring Cleaning! While you’re sprucing up the house and your car, don’t forget your computer!

A tune-up is a software optimization that keeps your computer running as quickly as possible. By slimming down the temporary files stored on the computer and the number of programs that startup at login and stay running all the time, it leaves more system resources for the things you’re actually trying to launch and run.

Tune-ups also include a quick check and repair of most filesystem problems and hard drive defragmentation. We also perform a quick check for viruses, overheating and hard drive health to make sure there aren’t additional performance issues affecting the system*. Read the rest of this entry »

Mini Computers

An interesting recent trend is the emergence and sudden proliferation of “minicomputers.” They are appearing all over and at a full range of form factors and price points. But what exactly is a minicomputer and what is it used for?


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