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Remote Support

Geek Easy Computers offers remote support services. We offer it to both our commercial and residential customers. We have found that there is some confusion as to exactly what remote support entails, and the kinds of computer issues we can actually rectify remotely. So we thought we’d try to clear that up.


What is Remote Support?

Remote Support is where we remotely (through the Internet) connect to your computer (with your permission of course) and examine it. We use a customized, secure application to access your computer. We use the same type of security your browser uses when connecting to online banking or shopping to ensure no unscrupulous parties on the Internet are able to eavesdrop on the session.

Once we are connected we can examine the system files, applications, and data. When connected, we both see the exact same thing on our screens. You can take control of the mouse to show us the problem you’re experiencing. We then take control to fix the problem or show you how to use a program. Once the session is complete, the remote connection is closed. We cannot re-connect or access your computer without your permission unless you have made arrangements with us to leave the program running or install a permanent version of it.

What can you do?

Through a remote connection we can fix many software based issues such as:


  • Installing and uninstalling software
  • Dealing with an error message that pops up
  • Backing up your data
  • Help with programs such as Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, email, etc.
  • Installing USB devices (printers, scanners, hard drives, etc) You would need to be able to install ink cartridges for a printer, and plug the device into the correct port on the computer when directed.
  • General system maintenance/optimization
  • Limited virus or spyware removal


Remote session is primarily a diagnostic tool used to determine if a shop visit or onsite is necessary.

What can’t you do?

Hardware issues (other than driver related) can’t be fixed remotely. Most malware/virus infections have to be removed in-shop do to the manual process and time required to remove them. If things are bad enough that the operating system needs to be reinstalled (or downgraded from Windows 10), that would also have to happen in shop. Networking issues like no connection or a poor connection cannot be tested since we need reliable Internet access to work on the computer.

What do I need?

We can connect to any Windows-based PC or Apple desktop or laptop. As long as your computer can start normally and you have a broadband Internet connection, you are good to go.

How do I get started?

Call Geek Easy Computers at 269-548-TECH(8324) to set up an appointment for a remote support session. We will discuss the issue and decide if it’s something that can be addressed remotely. Sessions start at a $50 deposit (40 minutes) and are billed in $25 (20 minute) increments after the initial connection. A session typically lasts about an hour depending on what is specifically requested.


If you’re having issues with your computer, don’t hesitate to call and talk to one of our experts. We have a solution that will fit your needs!


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me_smile Adonis Pointer is a photographer, a collector of vintage razors, and a certified technology geek!
Adonis has been involved in computer technology since well, a LONG time! He has been involved in nearly every aspect of the industry from sales to repair to training to consulting. As the Social Media Manager he writes the majority of the posts on the Geek Easy Computers blog.


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