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Archive for December 2015

Time Machine

Q & A: How Do I Setup Automatic Backups On My Macbook/Macbook Pro?

Welcome to another segment of Geek Easy Computers series on expanded answers to common questions. A question we get asked quite often by Mac users is how to setup automatic backups on their computers, so we put together this short instructional guide!


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We’ve Got A Newsletter!!

That’s right, today marks the introduction and first official edition of the Geek Easy Computers Newsletter!  This is a new email based monthly publication in which we can keep you, our clients & fans, abreast of the latest tech developments that will make your technology easier!  It will also include helpful tech tips, Geek Easy information, product spotlights, and general announcements.  Here’s PDF version of the first issue!


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Spills – What Happens?

It finally happened. One moment of distraction and SPLASH! You’ve spilled your coffee, soda, or beer on your laptop keyboard! DON’T PANIC. Here’s what to do to maximize the potential of saving your device.


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