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Archive for September 2015

Slow Computer Is Slow Part I

A common problem people experience with their computers is that they just aren’t fast enough. Maybe it was a speed demon 18 months ago, but now it’s just floundering or crawling and you’d like to know why and what to do about it. There are quite a few reasons why a computer could slow down, some deal with the physical condition of the computer and others with the software. Either way, here are the most common causes of computer slowness and what can be done about them.


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Q & A: What Does RAM (Memory) Really Do?

Welcome to another segment of Geek Easy Computers series on expanded answers to common questions.  We’re frequently asked  “What does RAM do?” or “Do I need more memory in my computer?” by our clients.  Many people also get RAM confused with storage memory (hard drive data), and we wanted to clear up some of that confusion.



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