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Scams! How to Avoid Them!

The “Your Computer is Infected!” Scam



Beth was at home one evening, reading an article on the Internet.  Suddenly a warning message popped up stating that her computer was “infected” and her personal information was “compromised”!  Luckily the message contained the support number for Microsoft.  Beth immediately called and was connected to what sounded like a foreign individual. This person proceeded to inform Beth that her computer was “horribly infected” by “hackers” and insisted he needed access to her computer so he could help her.  

Beth gave him access.  The “technician” then proceeded to open several windows of cryptic information “proving” what he claimed.  He said he could fix it… for $250.00.  It was at this point Beth started to feel uneasy about the whole situation.  She declined his services.  The person then began to get insistent.  He opened more windows and told her hackers had all of her information.  Beth then wisely disconnected her computer from the Internet.  Slightly unnerved, Beth called Geek Easy Computers and told us what happened.  We advised her to bring in her computer so we could determine if it had indeed been compromised and to ensure no one else had access to her computer.


What To Know

#1 – Microsoft, nor any other legitimate company will NEVER call you and say that they detected that your computer was hacked/infected/or otherwise compromised.  Microsoft technical support also doesn’t do virus/malware removal.


#2 – Legitimate companies do not roam the Internet looking for computers that they suspect have been “hacked” just so they can help you out.


#3 – NEVER give out your credit card information to someone that YOU didn’t initiate the call with.


#4 – If you suspect that you may have been scammed or otherwise compromised, get your computer looked at as soon as possible by a trusted computer repair shop such as Geek Easy Computers!


#5 – If you DID give them your credit card info, immediately notify your financial institution.  They may be able to block the charges.


Beth was lucky.  She picked up on the strangeness BEFORE she gave up her credit card number.  Many people are not as lucky.  Dozens of people, everyday, fall prey to scams such as these.  Geek Easy wants to help ensure that you don’t end up one of them!


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