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Archive for July 2015

Low-Cost Office Suites for Start-Ups

In the world of small business (especially independent start-ups), every penny can count.  Dropping several hundred dollars on the latest and greatest software isn’t always an option.  Especially if the software isn’t “mission critical” to the business.  One of the benefits of starting a business in this Internet age, is that there is a plethora of free or nearly free alternatives to the popular and many times expensive productivity software.  Below we will show you some of our favorites, with why they are favorites, and hopefully provide you with a way to get work done within your budget!

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El Capitán del Capitán

The newest version of Apple OS X is now available for developers to preview and will be available to the general public in the fall. As co-owner and Apple specialist at Geek Easy, I couldn’t resist writing on some of the up and coming features just to name this blog post the equivalent of “The captain on the captain.”

If you haven’t read anything about the new version of Mac OS, the name comes from a vertical rock formation inside Yosemite National Park. Apple’s announcement at their annual developer conference outright stated that the operating system update is a set of refinements to 10.10 Yosemite that was released last October.

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