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Why are Backups Critical?


If you’ve been following our posts & articles, you know that the crew at Geek Easy Computers are huge fans of backing up your data regularly.  We feel that it is important enough to remind you at least weekly, to make sure YOUR data is backed up.  With the latest round of vicious malware and ransomware, it’s even more critical to make sure your important files are backed up in multiple locations.

Our team of techs has experienced nearly every kind of “catastrophe” that can befall a company network.  From equipment failures to data corruption.  Some are more intense than others.  The common denominator is that there are solutions for them.  In the majority of those scenarios, there is a plan for getting back to business in a timely and efficient manner.  Part of that solution is relying on the expert machinations of a trusted service provider such as Geek Easy Computers.  The other part of the equation is you.  Making sure that you are following recommended methods and procedures for protecting and securing your data and network.

In a previous article, we talked about the plague of ransomware called CryptoLocker.  If you haven’t read that post, you should.  CryptoLocker (and it’s newer variants) infections are a real and present danger that specifically targets businesses networks.  Getting hit by it can be traumatic, time consuming, and expensive!

Unfortunately, now it’s worse.  Where before the ransomware would target documents and pictures on the systems hard drives, now it has evolved to target local and network files.  And although there are several organizations working to find ways to defeat CryptoLocker, as of right now, there is no effective “cure”.  If you don’t have a recent complete backup, unconnected to the affected system, the prognosis is grim.  At that point, you have two choices:  You can “wipe” the system and start over from scratch, losing everything that wasn’t backed up recently.  Or you can pay the ransom, and hope they follow through and decrypt your files. Geek Easy Computers never recommends that choice.  But it is there as a last ditch act of desperation.


The simplest way to protect yourself from attacks like this is REGULAR SCHEDULED BACKUPS of your companies data.  This one simple step could mean the difference between a total loss and expensive data rebuilding, and a “bump in the road” restore from a secure backup.  Backing up your data isn’t the only piece of the security puzzle but it is probably the simplest and easiest. Checking and verifying the backups are a necessary precaution as well.


Geek Easy Computers is here to help you develop a secure, efficient data protection system for your company and/or your home!  Talk to one of our security professionals. We can evaluate your current setup, and recommend necessary changes or additions.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  We want to make your technology security easy!

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