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IT Management – Does My Business Need It?

What are IT Management Services?  How will they benefit my business?  These are two common and very valid questions that we at Geek Easy Computers hear from business owners often.  In this post, we will define, and then discuss the advantages of outsourcing your businesses IT needs.

Information Technology

What It Is…

IT Management services transfer all or part of the daily management responsibility for a customer’s network environment, including hardware & software, to a trusted technology provider such as Geek Easy Computers.  Services can include system operation or support, growth planning, asset management, availability & performance management, administration, security, remote monitoring, technical diagnostics/troubleshooting, configuration/system repair management and creation of management reports. Remote monitoring and management, and backup and recovery services, also fall into this category when included in the service.


Why your business needs it!

Most small business do not have an actual IT departments that help them select technology, install, integrate and maintain it, train employees, provide desktop support and fix systems that break.  How do they manage their technology?  In many cases, the answer is  by the seat of their pants!  So what other options do they have?


They could hire, train, and provide benefits for their own internal IT staff.  Most small businesses don’t have the resources for that type of investment.  Another, and in almost all cases, more economical and efficient solution is outsourcing your IT needs to a information technology provider, where many services can be provided remotely, reducing IT management costs.


For many small businesses, any downtime directly impacts the “bottom line”.  When your network is down, or your employees can’t perform needed transactions, you are losing time, money, and productivity.  For some businesses, where they may charge high hourly rates, costs can mount quickly if employees are unable to access information or systems they need to do their jobs. But it’s more than loss of access. Neglecting software patches or anti-virus updates ( critical aspects of system maintenance) can result in costly malware infections. Losing private customer data to hackers, for example, can cost you customers!  These kinds of situations can be absolutely catastrophic for a small business!

While the bare essentials of keeping computer systems healthy are most crucial for small businesses, it’s not the whole picture. Who decides which technology you use?  Ensuring you’re using the best technology to fit your companies needs requires knowledge, expertise and a commitment of time and resources. Who decides when you should upgrade essential infrastructure such as network equipment, servers and PCs? Life cycle planning can help you budget for necessary upgrades, replacements, and keep competitive.

Hanging on to old computers may seem like a good way to save dollars, but if you hang on too long, old gear can cost you more in lost productivity and increased IT management than you would pay for new.


A relationship of trust between a business and the information technology provider are prerequisites to successfully exploit technology. Geek Easy Computers IT management best practices helps companies succeed through effective network governance, strategic planning, and risk analysis.


What’s next…

Geek Easy Computers can put together a management plan to fit your company’s current and future needs.  We will come to your company site or office and do a FREE site evaluation.  This will assess your current hardware/software setup.  Then we will meet with you to discuss current issues and future desires.  Once we have that information, we can put together an IT management package custom tailored to your company.

Our motto is to make your technology easy!  Give us a call to setup up your FREE Onsite Evaluation at 269-548-TECH(8324) today!

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