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Laptop Vs Desktop: The Showdown!


Just about everyone is familiar with the two main forms that computers come in these days;  laptops and desktops.  What we find at Geek Easy Computers is that some people don’t really know the pros and cons of choosing one over the other, or why one might fit their needs over the other, so in this article we are going to explore that and hopefully help you make a more sound  decision.


The most obvious benefit of owning a laptop versus a desktop is mobility.  As long as you have battery power or access to an electrical outlet, you can use your laptop computer nearly anywhere.  That freedom is what had made laptops the most popular form of computer over the last 10 years or so. Wireless internet access becoming more prevalent has only expanded this popularity.

Another benefit is that laptops have everything you need in one compact package.  Monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, and optical drive all housed in a frame you can easily carry around.  Again, giving you the freedom to compute when and where you want to.

Unfortunately there are a couple downsides to all that mobile freedom.  The first one is, everything you use is all in one package.  Meaning if the monitor breaks, the entire laptop is sent in for repair.  Same if the HD dies, the keyboard breaks, you spill water on it, etc.  Laptops are fragile devices. For just about anything that happens to a laptop, you can plan on being without a computer for a few days.   The best way to avoid this; buy quality new or refurbished computers from a trusted local computer shop, such as Geek Easy Computers!  That way you know your laptop has been thoroughly tested and is backed by a warranty you can rely on, and treat the device with care.

Another downside to laptops is the lack of upgrade/customization.  Most laptops are can usually have the amount of memory and storage upgraded, but not much else.  If you want want better graphics to play your favorite game, you’ll likely be looking for a new laptop.  When purchasing a laptop you have to anticipate your future needs much more thoroughly, and purchase accordingly.


Desktop Computers

Customization is where desktop computers shine!  Nearly every component on a desktop computer can be upgraded/modified or customized!  Need better graphics?  Add a monster video card!  Want multiple hard drives?  No problem!  Want to run 2 monitors?  Easy!  We wont even get into customizations like water cooling or LED fans!

Desktop computers are also pretty hardy devices.  The hard drives inside of them still have limitations as far as abuse they can take, but the average computer case can take a ding or two and be just fine.  Of course they are still susceptible to liquid spills and electrical surges.

The only real downside to a desktop computers is the lack of mobility.  Towers tend to be clunky awkward things to try to move around.  Even small cases aren’t as convenient as laptops as you still have to lug the monitor, keyboard, and mouse along.

You can basically sum up the differences between laptops and desktops like so:

Laptops = mobility, convenience, higher cost, fragile

Desktops = customization, typically more technology bang for your buck, lower cost compared to laptops, lack of mobility.

These are generalizations, and of course there are exceptions to every rule.  Our main purpose is to give you a decent overview with which to help you decide what type of computer will fill your needs.  And as always, the crew of experts at Geek Easy Computers is always here to answer your questions and to make your technology easy!

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