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Archive for February 2014

The Bitcoin Phenomenon/Digital Currency

Digital currency (such as Bitcoin) is a form of currency that only exists online or in the “digital world.  It acts as an “alternative currency”.  At this time, alternative digital currencies are not produced or endorsed by government backed financial institutions or backed by any specific national currency.  These are also called “cryptocurrencies”.  Since Bitcoin is the currently most popular, i’ll use it as the example.


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Chromecast vs Home Theatre PC vs Rokuu vs Apple TV

So you want to jump into the fray that is media streaming. Music, movies, TV shows – it’s all available online. You have many options as to how to access and enjoy that vast wealth of entertainment. What are those options you ask? Well there are really too many to list here, so lets talk about the 4 most popular methods: Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and the Home Theater PC.


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