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Archive for May 2013

Heatsink 101

We have talked about preventing overheating of your computers in a few different posts on the blog.  One of the methods mentioned was a “heatsink service”, which entails replacing the thermal grease on the heatsink.  But we never really explained what a heat sink is, or what it (and the thermal grease) actually does.  So we aim to fix that oversight today!


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Q & A: User Questions, Tech Answers!

In this post, we thought we’d answer a few of the most common questions that we get asked on a fairly frequent basis.  We hope this will help to answer any questions YOU may have, and fill in any informational gaps.  Let’s get started!

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Laptop Ownership

As we mentioned previously, nearly every computing and communication technology is becoming more geared toward mobility.  The workhorses of that movement are the classic laptop.  The laptop was the original mobile computing device.  The IBM 5100, the first commercially available portable computer, appeared in September 1975.  Laptops are also known as notebooks, ultrabooks, and netbooks.


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