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Archive for February 2013

10 common PC and Mac annoyances (And how to fix [some of] them?)

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that got me thinking.  Everybody has something that drives them absolutely bonkers about their computer.  Be it Mac or a Windows machine, those devices can have quirky behaviors that can nearly make you want to take a sledgehammer to the darn thing!  SO instead of adding to the landfill problem, we at Geek Easy Computers thought we’d see what we could do to ease your pain…


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10 Web Applications for Small Business

Two of the most important factors for the small business owner when investing in tools are cost savings, and increased efficiency.  Also important factors for many are adaptability, and functionality.

Todays small business and home business owners are finding those requirements met via web based applications.  As these apps become more mainstream and powerful, small business owners are relying on these savvy tools to help their businesses grow and run more smoothly. These top mobile and web apps can get you organized, connected and visible, and they will help contribute to your success:

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