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Archive for October 2012

Death of the Desktop Operating System: A Glimpse into The Future

The Death of the Desktop Operating System is something you might hear geeks whispering about in corners, arguing frantically over the benefits of a streamlined, cloud-based, iPhonesque system versus the power and capabilities of the clunky-yet-hearty desktop. It’s chatter on forums and other social media. It’s even been the subject of a whole lot of blog posts in the past year (Meta much?). With Apple’s Mountain Lion merging another step closer to iOS and Microsoft’s Windows 8 launching tomorrow looking like a squarer version of Milton Bradley’s Simon, what does the future look like for the desktop OS and computing in general?
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Kalamazoo FBI Virus Removal

At Geek Easy Computers, we see a high volume of various virus and malware infections. As experts in removal and repair in Kalamazoo, we spend time fighting viruses on the front lines (as opposed to wiping the hard drive and leaving clients to start from scratch like some other companies).

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Streaming Music 101

For today’s music consumer, mobile is where it’s at.  Whether it’s on an iPad, computer, or smartphone, people want to hear their music wherever they are with minimal fuss.  Capitalizing on this desire, there are many options available for the consumer to stream music to their device.  The best of these services are platform independent, meaning they are accessible from almost any computer OS, web browser or smartphone.

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