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Archive for August 2012

Do I Need This Patch?

Do I need to download this “patch”?

It’s a question almost every “computer guy/girl” gets asked frequently. Usually because the “asker” was just interrupted by a message stating something like “Java update X.XX available for download” followed by a link or update button. Most programs that frequently update will present a message similar to this when an update is available, unless it is auto-updating.

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Protecting Your Online Identity

These days protecting yourself is essential.  The threat of identity theft is a real and present danger.  But it’s not all dark alleys and scam stories.  You can protect yourself by following some simple, and for the most part, common sense procedures while online.

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How to create secure passwords…

Creating a strong, unique password isn’t something you “should” do.  It’s something you MUST do.  That is if you value your data, accounts, sensitive information, and your very identity!  No more using your pets, kids, social security numbers (SO wrong) as passwords.  It’s time to get serious and get protected!

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Do I need a server?

What is a server and why do I need one? A server can be boiled down to any computer that has a primary and dedicated purpose, in contrast with a workstation, a general use computer that may share resources in a peer to peer fashion. Typically, servers are used in environments where security is a concern, or industry specific software needs to be run from a central location so that many workstations may utilize its resources.

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