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Archive for January 2012

Essential FREE Software

We get asked frequently, what free software do we recommend?  What software do WE use?  Those are really good questions because there is a lot of free software out there and its hard to know which is good and which is not worth bothering with.  Well we thought about it, and put together a PDF document with the top 15 free applications that we all use and feel that you shouldn’t be with out!  We give a brief description and a direct download link with each one.  Happy downloading! If you have a favorite we’ve missed, please share in the comments section below.

TOP 15 ESSENTIAL FREE SOFTWARE Read the rest of this entry »

How to Avoid Malicious Software!

Lately we have seen a surge in viruses and other malicious software infecting computers.  People dont realize that while the Internet is a vast, nearly unlimited resource for information, commerce and entertainment; it can also be a scary and even dangerous place for those caught unawares.

In order to help protect you we put together a white paper full of information on malicious software and how to avoid it.  Below is a quick list highlighting the major points.  You can download the full document here –> How to recognize and avoid malicious software Read the rest of this entry »

Linux – Behind The Curtain

So whats this Linux you’ve been hearing about lately?  People throwing around words like “Ubuntu”, “distro”, “Live CD”?  Is this something you need to know about?  Are you missing out on the next “thing”?  Hopefully we will answer those questions and more below.

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Android Anti-Virus – Is it Real?

The hot topic in the Android community right now is malware aka viruses.  Its unthinkable but unfortunately its true.  Unscrupulous individuals have developed malware that can infect your android smartphone.  They can masquerade as legitimate apps, so its even more important to only download apps from known sources (i.e. Android Market, Amazon App Store). Read the rest of this entry »