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Archive for October 2011

PC Hygiene: Keep It Clean!

Another aspect of computer maintenance most people don’t consider is cleanliness.  Yes, your PC or Mac needs to periodically be cleaned.  Now I don’t mean with soap and water!  Usually a microfiber towel will suffice to remove dust, crumbs, and miscellaneous from the computers surface.  You can use “canned air” for cleaning your keyboard and getting into other nooks and crannies.  That’s the easy part.  Whats more difficult, and ultimately more important, is cleaning the inside of the computer.  That area is a perfect environment for accumulating dust.  Months and even years of dust build up can cause your system to overheat and operate erratically.  It can even cause damage to circuits!  Below is an example of a computer in need of a good cleaning: Read the rest of this entry »

All AC Adapters are NOT Created Equal…

One of the most confusing aspects of mobile computing for most people is the AC adapter.  Why is this confusing you ask?  Don’t you just plug it in and go?  Well, its not actually quite that simple.

The AC adapter is what is what gives a charge to your battery, to power your laptop.  It can also bypass your battery and directly power your device.  Most adapters are comprised of two components.  The power adapter and the power cord.  The power cord is what plugs into the wall, then into the power adapter.  The power adapter then converts the incoming electricity into the correct voltage/amperage for your device. Read the rest of this entry »

Online Safety – Keeping Kids Safe

With todays world becoming increasingly internet oriented, online safety is more of a concern than ever.  The internet is full of predators, from pedophiles, to scammers and identity thieves, to cyber bullies.

This dosent mean that your children should avoid the internet, it just means that you should be aware of the pitfalls and know how to protect them. Read the rest of this entry »