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Archive for March 2011

Spring Cleaning

The spring equinox is fast approaching the northern hemisphere, and it won’t be long until the phrase “spring cleaning” is knocking at our doorsteps. Spring is a time of regrowth, renewal and rejuvenation. It’s a time to start outdoor projects the winter has kept grounded for months on end and get around to all the things we’ve been putting off: cleaning the basement, painting the house, being cheerful, etc. So what better time to do a little “spring cleaning” on our home PCs?

I  know I’m guilty of letting my performance computer with all its hard drive space just hold on to unneeded files, programs, updaters, etc. My desktop gets so cluttered from time to time that I’m not even sure what my background looks like. Files like dfd-setup.exe, DSC01308.jpg and sound_20987.mp3 are scattered everywhere, and it doesn’t help me get a single thing accomplished. I spend a lot of time wading through the garbage trying to find what I’m actually looking for when I could just clean up these useless files and move on.

Spring is a perfect time to do the computer cleaning that’s been a long time coming. Whether you’re desktop is littered with unnecessary files or programs you installed once, you have to close 3 different update programs every time you turn on your PC or you’ve been building a wig out of dust and stray cat hair inside your computer, all of these ills can be fixed. Read the rest of this entry »

The Cost of Business Downtime

We’ve all experienced the headaches: “The server is down,” “I can’t print,” “Email won’t send,” “The computer won’t boot,” etc. When problems happen at home, a little lost Facebook time can actually be a good thing, it can give you a chance to read, spend time with family or tackle projects that have been put off repeatedly. But when computer problems happen at work, the toll computer downtime takes on a business can be catastrophic.

Computer Headaches

When you consider how much businesses rely on computers and electronic data these days, it’s easy to see how losing that data can cost a business big time. If one hard drive crashes among many employee computers, you might think that one small failure isn’t such a big deal, but unless the work data was backed up to external media or saved on a server, the loss of project work could set that employee back days, weeks or months.

Read the rest of this entry »